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Roofing Maintenance Tips From Affordable Roofing Contractors

Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors believe that a consistently maintained roof is a sure-shot guarantee for your roof to last for many years to come. We all know how expensive it gets to replace your roof. It is the most expensive part of your building to replace!

Industrial Roof Repair And Maintenance: Know These Hacks!

 So it becomes essential for you to learn how to keep your roof in a good shape. Here we list the crucial tips for effective roofing maintenance from the top New York Roofing Contractor:

Do Bi-Yearly Roof Maintenance Checks

Bi-yearly roof maintenance becomes crucial, especially for commercial roofs because it safeguards the roof from fire, corrosion, and weathering. Proper roof maintenance can also in the timely detection of rotting, leaks, or any other problem. Industrial Roofing Contractors highly recommend timely roof maintenance to prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your commercial roof. 

Ask Roofer To Remove Any Hazardous Overhanging Trees

Trees that overhang your roof can be a potential danger to the safety of your roof. Especially if the concerned trees are not trimmed at regular intervals. Not only the branches but also the roots of the trees can grow into the roofing material and thus compromise the structural integrity of the roof and may give birth to other roofing problems. 

Structural damages can be very spooky as they effectively reduce the overall strength of the roof to withstand an external agency. As a result roof’s ability to resist water penetration is reduced. This can eventually lead to significant damage as the water seepage can damage the building’s interior and also amplifies the risk of roof collapse. So it is always a good idea to ask Zicklin Roofing, Roofing Contractors Experts for a roof inspection.

Keep Meticulous Track Of Your Roof’s Age

Different factors affect the lifespan of a roof. A roof’s age is a serious factor when it comes to determining the durability and the frailty of the roof in the years to come. As the roof gets older, it becomes susceptible to a high rate of wear and tear. Regular roof maintenance helps prevent problems that can cause critical damage to your commercial roof. Commercial Roofing Contractors Near Me can do thorough inspections. Remember that in the long run inspections and maintenance are key to being proactive rather than reactive to any issues.

Bring In New Methods To Check Notorious Leaks

You might get a hard time detecting leaks in your commercial roofs because of their complicated design. Seasoned Industrial Roofing Contractors like Zicklin Roofing, can help you with these sneaky leaks. Roofing contractors use various types of techniques based on the type of roof such as dye testing, vapor detection, and general leak detect. The more targeted and effective methods include infrared thermography, thermal imaging, and acoustic detection system. 

Signs You Immediately Need Commercial Roofing Restoration: New York Roofing Contractor

You have not read the above-mentioned points earlier elsewhere and hence you did not take roof maintenance seriously. Even if you have missed the vital regular inspections still you need to put a full stop to further damage to your commercial roof. Possible accidents caused by puddles and water leaks can lead to critical injury to the employees working inside the office. 

Zicklin Roofing’s more than three and a half decades of experience in providing immaculate commercial roof repairs has surely helped us identify the accurate signs that you need a roof replacement as soon as possible. Not even patching up or fixing can be categorized as a secure option in these grave cases:

Faulty Rainwater Management & Gutters

The more rainwater stays on your roof, the more damage it causes to your roof. Even with nicely fitted roofing, there are still some spots that can be housing puddles on your commercial roof. The more the water weight the more its penetration rate increases. A high volume of water can make the protective membranes ineffective and thus cause internal leakage.
Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors do understand the importance of well-kept gutters. Gutters help in the proper passage of rainwater. Incorrect installation of the gutters can divert the water to other areas of the roof where puddles can form and thus the risk of still water. Without proper inspection and maintenance huge chunks of debris and dust can settle in the gutters and thus obstruct the normal passage of rainwater. 

Roofing Contractor Experts carefully study and analyze the passage of rainwater through gutters to zero in on any rainwater buildup on your commercial roofs.

Roof Membrane Damage

If the roof is the body of your roofing strength then the roof membrane is its soul. Without a good water membrane, internal leaks are bound to happen. To repair roof membrane damage you will need the help of Affordable Roofing Contractors in NYC. You might wonder, How is this protective membrane damaged? The major reason for the damage to the roof membrane is the water weight which can occur due to ineffective water management on your roof which we discussed above. Small animals and trees can also puncture the roofing membrane. If the outer roof has some undergrowth due to moisture, it is possible that algae, mold, and fungi have grown in these areas. This is a bad sign as this growth can puncture and damage the interior membrane. If you detect a crusty, moldy smell or a foul odor then chances are high off your roof membrane being infested with molds.

Natural Wear & Tear

Despite consistent improvements and repeated commercial roofing maintenance, it is a hard truth that your roof ages as well. Regular wear and tear are unavoidable even if you have used the most durable and expensive materials during the roofing. The usual lifespan of thermoplastic membrane commercial roofs is about 22 to 30 years. Synthetic rubber roofing materials including EPDM can last for about 20 to 35 years. Regardless of the roofing materials that went into the roof of your commercial complex or building. If the building has aged over 2 decades then it is about time to contact the Affordable Roofing Contractors in NYC, Zicklin Roofing to get a new revamped, and reaffirmed commercial roof.

Poor Installation

When you hire an unprofessional contractor for your roofing project, the ramifications of the decision can be a lot. A poorly fitted roof can come at a heavy long-term cost. Inevitably such roofs can bring a lot of trouble with them. The metal sheet is placed on the joints of the roof which is also called flashing. The rationale behind putting such sheets on the roofs is that these roofs prevent leakage from the valley, corners, and vents. A properly installed roof means the flashings are installed in the correct manner. This can well cut the possibility of weather damage due to rainwater in the near future. 

Indications That You Need Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Cracked And Peeling Paint

Peeling paint from your walls and ceilings is affirming sign that you need to get your roof inspected by Commercial Roofing Contractors Near Me. The reason for the peeling paint is quite interesting. As the moisture around bloats the hard material including concrete and wood. The change in shape results in dried paint which fails to expand with the material and thus the cracking or peeling.

The best area to look for signs of cracked paint is the corner of your commercial roof. If you notice that the paint has started to discolor, you can expect the peeling and cracking to start anytime soon. By touching this discolored area you can sense the presence of moisture in this area.

Spot Sagging

Most of the internal commercial ceilings are made of hybrid and natural woods combined with plastic membranes. If in case the moisture fails to discolor your tiles then it is likely to make your ceiling tiles sag. These sagging spots can also manifest even in seamlessly-installed roofs. Over time discoloration is also bound to happen. 

The moisture not only causes spot sagging but can also lead to more serious incidents. The moisture can affect the internal wiring, which can cause irreversible damage to your commercial building’s electronics.

Ceiling And Wall Stains

Wall and ceiling stains look absolutely nerve-wreaking especially when they are visible in a professional setting. The stains look like coffee stains on the ceilings. Once your roofing membrane is punctured, the internal office roof panels are sure to absorb the moisture. If the leak is near your wall, you can easily expect your wall to have similar stains as well. 

Short-term fixes for such stains such as caulking the damaged membrane to prevent any further leaks are useful. Burt such measures are only effective for short period. Only with the help of Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors, you can get a solid and sturdy solution for this problem.

Moldy Smell

When moisture lingers on your roof, it can attract soil, debris, and dust. These substances can provide required nutrients to microorganisms, leading to the growth of molds, algae, and fungi that can damage your roofing membrane over time. As the organisms penetrate the material, they can release a musty, unpleasant odor that can spread throughout your commercial building. If you notice a faint smell in a specific area of your building, it means that the infestation may be limited to that spot. However, a stronger odor is a sign of severe damage to the roof membrane and requires urgent attention.

Internal Drips & Puddles

If you see water dripping inside your commercial space, It means that weather and other external forces have severely damaged the roofing material on your commercial roof. It needs an urgent inspection from New York Roofing Contractor, Zicklin Roofing. 

Some of the roofers will choose to caulk the leaks and prevent the ceilings from flowing further in a matter of weeks. Caulk is a general sealant and it is not going to hold moisture for a long period of time. If you notice these signs then it is best to call
Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors
for a permanent solution.

Signs Of A Loose Gutter, You Should Look For:

As it appears from the above arguments that bad gutters are surely a big problem and can cause irreversible damage to your commercial roof and can negatively impact its lifespan. 

Know these signs to better detect any roofing issues well in advance –

The Material’s Weight

The primary cause of sagging gutters is often attributed to loose gutter spikes. Fortunately, this issue can be easily resolved by reattaching the gutter with new and sturdy hardware. Additionally, installing more gutter hangers can help distribute the weight of the gutter more evenly, which reduces the strain on the structure and prevents further sagging.

Water Behind Gutters

When water accumulates behind your gutters, it can result in the decay of wood. If you happen to spot any spaces between the facia board and the gutter, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Additionally, if you observe any watermarks on the brick or siding below the gutter, inform us immediately. Industrial Roofing Contractors can swiftly and efficiently repair and secure your gutter system to prevent further damage.


Gutters that are packed with debris can easily become clogged, obstructing the natural flow of water. This blockage can result in a buildup of water and debris, causing a significant amount of weight to accumulate in the gutters. Over time, the gutters can become so heavy that they start to detach from the structure, leading to even more damage. Regular maintenance of your gutters, such as clearing out debris in between seasons and inspecting them before an anticipated heavy storm, can greatly mitigate the risk of damage and costly repairs.

Want to get your commercial roof fixed, get it done from the Roofing Contractors Experts, Zicklin Roofing. With the right experience and right expertise, we are your best bet against leaking and damaged roofs.

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