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Experienced Masonry Contractors in NYC

Zicklin Roofing is one of the most experienced and renowned masonry contractors in NYC. We have done excellent work for our residential and commercial clients. We ensure quality work for our customers, keeping in mind their satisfaction as our chief motivator. Our team is fully licensed and insured. Masonry in NYC is an important part of any construction and renovation. So, do not trust just anyone with this task. Hire an experienced masonry contractor like Zicklin Roofing today.

Why is Masonry so Important?

Masonry can give your building’s foundation the sturdiness that it needs. Using skilled masonry experts, you can ensure that your property has the durability to last ages. Apart from the durability factor, masonry also helps improve the value of the property.

Masonry can help transform the facade of both your residential and commercial properties. It will lead to a better value for the property during its sale. Masonry can add various areas to your property like driveways, patios, parking lots, etc that will improve its visual appeal.

By using the services of professional residential and commercial masonry contractors, you can give your property the look it deserves as well as provide its structural integrity. Our team at Zicklin Roofing is skilled and experienced in doing just that.

Our Masonry Services in New York

Zicklin Roofing offers various masonry services to both residential and commercial clients in the tri-state area. Here are a few of them:

  • Brickwork

    Brickwork is a very common form of masonry. In this, bricks are placed in mortar to form a structure of your choosing. These bricks are placed in such a systematic manner that they can withstand heavy loads. Our team can work with different types of bricks as well.

  • Sidewalks

    Our team excels in creating sturdy and beautiful sidewalks using our masonry services. We can use various materials like concrete, cement, bricks, etc to build the sidewalks as per our clients' demands. Our sidewalks are built with such great quality materials that they can last decades.

  • Sidewalk Vaults

    Sidewalk vaults are an extension of your property’s basement that comes under the sidewalk. These vaults are generally used as mechanical rooms or storage rooms. Our team of experts helps you build durable and safe sidewalk vaults.

  • Parking Lots

    We create the design and layout for attractive and functional parking lots as well as build them using the highest quality materials. We have years of experience creating parking lots for a wide variety of commercial properties that last a lifetime.

  • Stone Masonry

    As stone is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials in the world, our team of masonry contractors excels in using it for building amazing structures that last hundreds of years without needing any maintenance.

  • Concrete Masonry

    In concrete masonry, we take concrete blocks and press them on mortar to create structures, similar to brick masonry. This helps form strong and fire-resistant structures. Concrete masonry is popularly used in the construction of schools, manufacturing units as well as residential buildings.

  • Veneer Masonry

    Veneer masonry is generally used in the interior of properties and for remodeling purposes. It provides the look of stone but is more affordable and offers insulation as well. The veneer masonry pieces can be placed on the existing concrete blocks for improved appearance.

Why Choose Zicklin Roofing as Your Masonry Contractor in NYC?

If you are wondering why you should choose Zicklin Roofing as your masonry contractor in New York, then below are a few reasons that might convince you.

  • We have years of experience providing high-quality masonry work to residential and commercial clients.
  • Our team has decades of combined experience in masonry.
  • We have a great track record for delivering customer satisfaction.
  • We offer the most competitive pricing for our masonry services in NYC.

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