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Why Does One Need Commercial Roof Repair?

Whenever one thinks of repairing a commercial roof, one may think of shuttering down their commercial property. Well, it is not always the case. It depends on the damage to the commercial roof. The minimal damage is easy to repair and may not need the closure of the commercial property. And, severe damage may require the closure of the property for a few days. Anyhow, it is better to go for a commercial roof repair than to go for a new roof. It is not only inexpensive but also less time-consuming. But, for this, you need to know how the commercial roofs are different and why they need expertise for repair. Well, in this post, you will find every minute detail about the commercial roof and its repair with Zicklin Roofing

How Is Commercial Roof Repair Different?

The main purpose of the roofs is to protect the owner’s property, whether it’s a residential or commercial roof. However, both types of roofs demand maintenance from time to time. Though, there are different steps for commercial roof repair. On average, the roofs need repairing once every 10 years. But, sometimes, it also depends on the type of material used during the construction of the roof. Also, minor problems like leakage or cracks may need the maintenance of the roof from time to time. So, it is better to choose the best for your commercial roof repair process. The Zicklin Roofing company is here to help you out. The Zicklin Roofing is the best organization for the commercial roof repair process.

The Zicklin Roofing provides different types of services in repairing commercial roofs. These include:

  • Interior Inspection
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Damaged Roof Repair
  • Roof Leakage Repair
  • Decking Damage Repair
  • Emergency Situations

So, here, you will find different details about the roof repair process. Also, you will find out why you need commercial roof repair experts. So, let’s start with the difference between commercial roofs and residential roofs.

How Are Commercial Roofs And Residential Roofs Different?

Well, some may wonder what could be the difference between commercial roofs and residential roofs structures. Hence, they may not need different repair steps. Well, it is not like that. The residential roofs are constructed in a slanted way or sloped to facilitate water runoff. While commercial roofs are constructed in a different way to accommodate ventilation, HVAC, and heating facilities. Moreover, they do not slope. So, it means, waterlogging and runoff are the issues with commercial roofs.

What Makes Commercial Roofs More Vulnerable To Damage?


Well, why do commercial roofs need more repairing than residential roofs? Here is the answer. When the water gets logged on the roof and freezes, then it lifts the shingles of the roof. This freezing process creates gaps in the roof. So, from these gaps, the water can easily seeps into the roof and weaken it. Moreover, it may lead to leakages in the roof. A good commercial roof repair company like Zicklin Roofing won’t make the guesses for the main problem areas. They do know the areas from where the roof is more prone to damage. So, first, they will find the areas of surface erosion and the flashings.


Now, after the composition factor, the construction factor also affects the roofs of commercial buildings more. You will find shingles and tiles in the construction of residential roofs. While for commercial roofs, single-ply rubber or plastic membranes are used. So, this needs the expertise for the repairing process. Also, the expert in the residential roof repairing process won’t qualify for the commercial roof repairing process.

So, these two factors make the difference between the roofs of the residence and the commercial buildings. Now, let’s have a look at what are the different steps in the commercial roof repair process.

When Commercial Roofs Fail, They Can Fail Big!

Usually, a roof is expected to last around ten years on average. But sometimes, untimely commercial roof repairs are required due to over-exposure to harsh elements in industrial settings. There are various reasons why your commercial roof might need immediate attention, low-quality materials used, little or no maintenance, and natural wear and tear are some significant factors.

It becomes necessary that you know when to take action to keep your commercial space secure when it comes to the commercial roof at your workspace or industry. A commercial roof can fail big time, and you may have to incur heavy losses.

When To Go For Commercial Roof Repair Process

First, you must know the construction material of your commercial roof. It is so because it will give you an idea of whether you need the repair process sooner or later. For this, the list is provided below for different materials with their life span:

  • Thermoplastic TPO Roof: 22-30 years
  • Thermoplastic PVC Roof: 20-30 years
  • EPDM Roof: 22-35 years
  • Butler MR-24 Metal Roofing system: 45 or more years
  • Asphalt Roofing System: 20-40 years

Undoubtedly, they have longer life spans but it does mean they won’t need repair in between. So, how do you know you should go for the commercial roof repair process? Well, you need to look for the signs seeking your attention for the repair. These are:

Water logging:It means there is something blocking the drains of the roof. Moreover, standing water weight puts extra stress on the building leading to the degradation of the roof surface.

Blisters or Bubbles: These happen when there is excessive moisture or heat on the surface of the roof.

Leakage in the roof: The leakage in the roof happens because of broken and damaged seals around the pipes or vents. This allows the penetration of moisture and rain into the roof leading to leakage.

Accumulation of leaves and dirt

Cracked or missed shingles

Damaged Flashing:Flashes are an important part of the roof surface. In case, the flashes are damaged, then it will allow wind, moisture, or rain to penetrate into the building.

Punctures or Cracks: Wear and tear can happen on the roof in extreme weather conditions like hail storms or ice storms. So, it is always advised to look for visible damage on the roof after the storms.

Last, roof aging

So, these are the signs calling your attention. Once you notice them, you need to call the experts from the Zicklin Roofing, and let them do their job as described below.

Different Steps in Commercial Roof Repair Process

Every procedure has a set of steps one must follow. The same case is with the commercial roof repairing process. There are different steps one should follow while doing the commercial roof repair. That’s why the NY Roof is the best company as they go with each step to provide you with the best service.

Step 1: Interior Inspection

The very first thing any expert will do is the interior inspection. It is important as it will help in checking the damage on the roof. It is very important because it will help in checking the structural integrity of the interior spaces. It will play an important role in avoiding any type of major hazard. In the interior inspection, the repairing roofing experts will check for:

  • Water damage signs
  • Discoloration in walls
  • Presence of molds on interior walls and ceilings and a weird odor in a particular area
  • Any breaks in the roof exploring the roof elements to the atmosphere
  • Stained or Sag interior Ceilings

For this, they will use the flashlight for the inspection. They may also need access to the upper storage areas of your building or the attics. So, the interior inspection process is simple. The only thing that varies is the time and it depends on the size of your building.

Step 2: Exterior Inspection

In this inspection, the roof repair experts will look at the roof from the outside. For this, they will look for the signs like:

  • Missed shingles
  • Curled shingles
  • Impact damage to plastic membrane roofing
  • Damage in the flashings
  • Old caulk and the worn-out caulk
  • Visibility of roof leakage signs
  • Any damage to the gutter system
  • Any plant growth depicts a poor drainage system and the development of cracks leading to leakage issues.

So, you can see how time-consuming the process of an exterior inspection is. Moreover, it requires a detailed inspection because it will detect the major cause and need for the roof repair. However, the exterior inspection is the most dangerous and risky one. So, you must call the licensed and insured person for this process.

Step 3: Estimation of Roof Repairing Process

Now, once the roof is inspected from the inside and the outside, you know the cause. So, the next thing the contractor will provide you is the estimation process. Based on his evaluation, he will assess the job, and provide the total cost. It includes:

  • First, the details of the condition of the existing roof
  • Then, a report of the recommended roof repairs
  • Material cost to repair the damage
  • Labor cost for the damage repair
  • At last, the required time for the roof repair process

Though, the contractor will confirm the timeline. But, it is not the definite one as it tends to change with the situation. It may change because of the weather conditions, the unavailability of the workforce, and material. So, once, you are satisfied with the estimation process, then the important and final step will start commercial roof repair.

Step 4: Commercial Roof Repair

With this, you will move to the last step of repairing. Now, the repairing process varies as per the cause. In case, the roof flashings are damaged, then the repairing process includes the replacement of new flashing. Or, for the worn-out sealants, they will be recaulked, or tarred to make the sealings tight and secured.

You should ensure one thing during the shingle replacement. One must use the same shingle material as it is used earlier. The repairing process can become complex for the decking damage. In the decking damage, reframing is needed to fix the punctures in the roof. So, for the different damages, the contractor will see accordingly, what they will do to make the commercial roof new and secure. Well, there are 4 different methods for the commercial roof repair process.

  • Making the roof free of debris: With debris removal, you can treat any blockage in the roof. This will help you to check the leakage in the roof and then rectify it. So, in this process, adequate cleaning is performed for the gutters and drains on the roof.
  • Installation of Walk Pads: The installation of walk pads provides an extra protection layer to the roof. The walk pads are made of rubber and get interlocked with the surface of the roof. So, it will help your roof to protect from hailstorms, ice storms, and moisture.
  • Roof Coating: Roof coating can help you to increase the life of your roof. This can protect the roof from wear and tear. However, this method is suitable for flat or smooth surfaces and has no underlying water.
  • Choose Strong Material For Roof Repairing: You can choose the best materials for roof surfacing with a great life span. The different roofing materials are described above for better efficacy.

So, these are the various steps for the commercial roof repair process. But, for this process, one must need the best experts for their roofing needs.

Best Materials To Make Commercial Roof Repair Live Long!

You must have the query: is there anything needing less attention and care? Well, the answer is yes. There are different roofing options having more sustenance than normal ones. But, it may increase your budget. These are:

  • Metal Roofing is susceptible to less damage
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane instead of a single plastic membrane
  • Green Roofing
  • Thermoset EPDM Membrane for roof
  • Spray-on Silicon for water leakage issues
  • Thermoplastic PVC Roof membrane
  • Thermoplastic TPO roof membrane
  • At last, shingle roofing

These are some other roofing options one can choose to make the life of their commercial roofs more. As now you are choosing roof repair, then you may go for these as well. Very importantly, you must consider two factors: best material and effectiveness. Though it may increase the time of repairs and budget a bit, it is worth future savings.

Preparing For Commercial Roof Repair: Note It Down!

Follow these steps to be better prepared for coming roof repair at your commercial facility:

Review The State Building Rules

Every state in the US has specific building codes that may make it an obligation on your part to get legal consent before performing any roof repairs. To obtain a permit for the same, you need to specify the area of the property you wish to get restored and the type of repairs. Therefore you must get a good idea of the building code and its implications for your actions. Some roofing contractors like Zicklin Roofing can clarify these codes for you.

Call For A Complete Roof Inspection: Zicklin Roofing

You can contact qualified professional roofing contractors, Zicklin Roofing, for a complete roof inspection to have a detailed overview of your commercial roof and its expected life. Zicklin Roofing provides:

  • Honest and accurate repair estimates.
  • A reasonable cost.
  • An expected timeline to fix your roof.

Get The Budget Approved

Once you get a legit quotation from Zicklin Roofing, It is time to get the proposed budget approved by your company’s board members. If that is different for you, being the owner of a small business or startup, discussing the budget with your accountant is advisable. This helps you assess the affordability criteria. Rest assured, we at Zicklin Roofing will offer you the most affordable and value-for-money roof repair services.

Time To Schedule Roof Repair With Zicklin Roofing

After you get your budget approved, you can get a durable and reliable roof repair from Zicklin Roofing. Schedule a repair visit for your commercial roof at the most convenient time. It would be best to schedule the repairs during the spring and summer seasons and avoid getting the repairs done in rainy and winter to minimize the risk of delays and accidents. But if your roof is in dire need of repair, then it’s best to get it done as soon as possible by our seasoned professionals.

Why Delay Commercial Roof Repair

Since you have found a reputable and reliable commercial roof repair specialist with Zicklin Roofing, it is better to inspect your roof at regular intervals to prolong its lifespan once we spotlessly finish your roofing repairs. Every nook detail is described above to increase the life of your roof. Zicklin Roofing does your commercial roof repairs to your satisfaction, so you get peace of mind! So, get the best roofing service in the town with Zicklin Roofing, and let the experts do their job. Contact us today and make your roof as strong as Hercules!

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