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Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance tips to protect your roof - NY Roof experts in NYC

Gutters are crucial for protecting your home by capturing the rainwater that flows off your roof and channeling it away from the house. This helps to protect the foundation, siding, doors, and windows from water damage while also preventing the basement from flooding. During winter, gutters prevent the accumulation of ice on walkways and driveways, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

In order for gutters to function effectively, they must be free of any debris such as leaves, dirt, or other materials that can accumulate in them. Clogged gutters may cause water to accumulate and eventually loosen them, while stagnant water can cause rust or rot, depending on the gutter material. Therefore, it is essential to keep your gutters well-maintained. We have put together a comprehensive gutter cleaning and repair guide that outlines each step of the process to help you keep your gutters in optimal condition.

Why Should You Maintain Your Gutters?

The efficiency of rain gutters can be hindered by blockages caused by leaves and other debris, which can accumulate in the downspouts and trap water. This can lead to the development of rot and mold behind the gutters and fascia board. To avoid such issues, regular cleaning of gutters using a high-pressure hose is recommended before seeking professional help. It is always better to take preventive measures rather than deal with the problem after it has occurred, which may be more expensive and time-consuming to fix. Although gutter cleaning is a task that homeowners can undertake themselves, it is essential to note that it can be dangerous work.

Signs That Indicate You Need Gutter Maintenance

Your gutters, like the other parts of your home’s exterior, are exposed to various weather conditions. Rain and wind can cause wear and tear that affects their ability to drain water properly. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on them for maintenance needs.

Faded Siding

It is important to monitor the condition of your home’s siding as a faulty gutter system. It can cause water to flow down the sides of the building. This can result in paint deterioration and fading. Also, it can create the risk of water infiltrating behind the siding, potentially causing water damage to the interior of the house.


It is advisable to inspect the area surrounding the foundation of your home.  Overflowing or leaking gutters can lead to soil erosion and harm to nearby plants. This could be a sign of improper drainage, where water is being directed too close to the house and may infiltrate the basement, resulting in flooding or potentially causing foundation cracks.

Visual Inspections

Conducting a visual examination of your gutters from both near and far can help identify any damage. Faulty supports, brackets, and screws can come loose and fall off, and these may be found scattered throughout your yard. It is also possible to detect if the gutters are sagging away from the roof’s sides from the ground level. However, it is advisable to climb onto the roof to inspect the gutters more closely. Ensure to place the ladder on the siding, rather than on the gutters themselves. The ladders are fragile and can be easily dented when subjected to weight pressure.

Internal Damage

It is crucial to inspect the interior of your home as well, as leaks from malfunctioning gutters can result in water damage behind walls and ceilings, indicated by stains, sagging plaster, peeling paint, and wallpaper. Furthermore, one should be attentive to the presence of an earthy odor and dark stains, which may signify the development of mold.

How to Maintain Gutters of your Home?

Apart from regular bi-annual cleaning of gutters, it is crucial to conduct periodic inspections and perform necessary gutter maintenance. The following are some key areas that require routine checks:

1. Inspect the Spikes

Checking the gutter spikes is an essential part of gutter maintenance. These spikes are designed to penetrate through the gutter and fascia boards, eventually fastening into the underlying rafters. Over time, the spikes can loosen and move away from the rafters, rendering them ineffective. If the spikes cannot be re-secured, it may be necessary to replace the gutters entirely with new ones that use hidden hangers.

2. Check the Gutter Slope

Another crucial aspect to inspect during gutter maintenance is the gutter slope. The slope of the gutters can become compromised over time as the house settles. To test the slope, run water through the gutters and observe the drainage. If the water is slow to drain or pools in certain areas, it may be a sign that the slope is ineffective and the gutter needs to be replaced.

3. Confirm that water is flowing away from your home

To prevent water from accumulating around your home’s foundation, ensure that the water coming out of your downspouts is directed away from the house. You can attach downspout extenders or use sloped concrete splash blocks for this purpose. Check if the underground pipe system carrying the water away from the foundation is functioning correctly. If there is water overflowing at the base of the house where the downspout meets the ground pipe, it may indicate that the pipe system is clogged or crushed and requires maintenance.

4. Check the Condition of Your Gutters

Make sure to inspect the condition of your gutters, looking out for signs of peeling paint, flaking, and rust. Also, ensure that they are securely fastened to the fascia board, and check the fascia boards themselves for any signs of dry rot or other problems. If you notice any issues, it may be necessary to replace them. Lastly, make sure to examine your gutters for any leaks, including holes or cracked caulking, and use an old chisel to remove any old caulking. It’s important to dry the area completely to prevent further damage.

5. Install Gutter Covers

Installing gutter covers is a wise decision to avoid clogging and overflow. It’s recommended to install them in early Fall or Spring. Gutter covers are a valuable investment in the long run. They protect your home from damage and increase its value. Moreover, they eliminate the need for climbing ladders, keeping you safe on the ground.

Gutter Cleaning Tips To Protect Your Home

To maintain the structural stability of your roof and prevent the accumulation of rain and stormwater due to blocked drain pipes, it is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your gutters. Malfunctioning gutters can lead to home flooding and harm the exterior walls of your house. As a result, it is imperative to either seek assistance from a Gutter cleaning company.  

The purpose of this article is to provide you with gutter maintenance and cleaning tips. Ensuring that you won’t have to be concerned about water accumulation and flooding.

Be Careful With Your Ladder

Before using a ladder, it is important to take necessary precautions to avoid any accidents. Firstly, inform someone that you will be using a ladder.  Secondly, it is advisable to have a spotter – a friend or family member – who can assist you and reinforce the ladder when required. Ensure that the ladder you use is safe and sturdy with a shelf that can support a five-gallon bucket for collecting debris, which should be secured using a lanyard. The type of ladder you use also matters. A stepladder is suitable for a one-story house, but an extension ladder is required for homes with two or more stories.

To maintain balance and stability while on the ladder, it is essential to position your body between the two rails and avoid leaning over the sides. Additionally, it is recommended to refrain from standing on the top two rungs of the ladder.

Protect Your Hands

To safeguard your hands from potentially harmful bacteria found in decaying leaf debris that often contains bird, pigeon, and squirrel droppings, it is essential to wear gloves while cleaning gutters. 

Protect Your Eyes

It’s essential to wear eye protection when cleaning gutters using a high-pressure water spray as unexpected objects like rats, birds, frogs, wasps, or bees may fly out, potentially causing eye injuries.

Wear the proper footwear

Prioritizing safety is of utmost importance when it comes to climbing to great heights. Avoid venturing out to the roof during unfavorable weather conditions such as ice, rain, or strong winds. When the weather is appropriate, climb the roof and use a rake to eliminate any leaves or debris. It will help in preventing them from being washed into the gutters during the next rainfall, which can result in blockages. It is essential to educate yourself on proper roof maintenance techniques to ensure its longevity.

Check for Rust, Leaks, and Holes

It is crucial to inspect the gutters for signs of damage once you finish cleaning them. This entails examining the gutter joints and looking for rust, leaks, and holes. If any holes are present, patch them up using metal flashing or a gutter patching kit from a home improvement store. In case of leaks from joints or small holes, use sealant and caulking to fix them. However, if rust is present, it indicates that the gutters have reached the end of their lifespan and require replacement. Consider installing gutters made of aluminum, copper, or vinyl as they do not rust.

Check the Downspouts

Once you have cleaned your gutter runs, don’t forget to clear any visible debris from the top and bottom of your downspout. To check for clogs, run water from a hose into the downspout’s top opening. If the water backs up or doesn’t drain properly, you have a clog. You can try tapping the side of the downspout to clear it.  Otherwise, you can use a leaf blower to blow down the downspout from the top opening and dislodge the debris. Afterward, remove any loose debris and repeat the water test. 

If the downspout remains clogged, it is advisable to hire a professional to clean it out since downspouts are crucial to the gutter system’s proper functioning.

Eliminate Pests and Rodents

If your gutters have become a habitat for various pests and small animals, it can lead to several issues. Firstly, their nests can cause blockages in your gutters. Secondly, they may enter your home, causing a pest infestation. Additionally, rodents can attract snakes, resulting in a potential snake problem. The accumulated water in clogged gutters can also become a breeding site for mosquitoes, adding to the problem. It’s advisable to hire pest control experts to get rid of these pests as encountering bees or snakes while being up on a ladder can be dangerous.

Update Your Gutter

Although most gutter maintenance aims to ensure their proper functioning, upgrading your existing gutters can significantly enhance your home’s visual appeal. Opting for aluminum gutters could be a budget-friendly option as they are resistant to rust, can be painted, have a prolonged lifespan, and are cost-effective. However, installing them is not a DIY task and requires a professional to do it for you.

Get a gutter scoop

To effectively remove debris from your gutters, using a specialized tool called a gutter scoop can be very helpful. This thin, plastic scooping tool is designed to fit perfectly into the gutter trough. Further making it easy to scoop out debris without causing any damage. While some people may attempt to use a metal shovel to save money. It can lead to accidental scraping, denting, and other damage to your gutters. To begin cleaning your gutters, it’s recommended to use your hands along with the gutter scoop to remove any large debris. You can then dispose of the debris in a bucket or drop it in your yard and rake it up later.

Utilize A Garden Hose

When cleaning your gutters, it’s helpful to use a garden hose equipped with a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. This type of nozzle enables you to adjust the water pressure effortlessly using only one hand. While you are moving the ladder or using a gutter scoop, it’s simple to hang the pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle over the front edge of the gutter. You can purchase this type of spray nozzle at any local corner hardware store or big box home improvement store.

Use Gutter Guards To Minimize Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters yearly after winter can be a tedious task. The main issue is that most guttering systems lack proper protection, leaving them vulnerable to debris accumulation, which can cause water blockages. However, you can avoid this problem by installing gutter guards, which are designed to prevent debris build-up and minimize yearly maintenance. Zicklin Roofing can provide professional gutter cleaning and repairing services that include screen, topper, or insert guards for maximum protection. 

With years of experience in roof repair and cleaning, Zicklin Roofing is a trusted contractor capable of handling any roofing issues. Homeowners need not worry about their gutters, even after a harsh winter, as yearly inspections and monitoring seasonal damages can help keep your home in top condition. By ensuring regular gutter maintenance and attention to seasonal wear and tear, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their home is well-maintained with the help of NY Roof expertise.

What Can a Professional Roofing Company Do?

While homeowners can take proactive measures to ensure the health of their roofs, seeking the assistance of professional roofers is equally important.  A gutter cleaning company, NY can help identify potential roofing problems during their inspections and promptly address them. Partnering with roof professionals can help extend the lifespan of your roof, and protect your home from severe weather. Further ensuring the safety of your family and your most valuable investment. By working with experienced roofers like NY Roof, homeowners can rest assured that their roofs are in good hands.

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