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How Long Does A Shingle Roof Last?| Know From Zicklin Roofing

What is a Shingle Roof?

You must have heard about the shingle roof from your constructor. Does it ring the bell, what is it? Well, during the construction of the commercial roof, the constructor must have mentioned it. As you know, there are different types of roofing methods like metal roofing, BUR roofing, PVC roofing, etc. Similarly, the shingle roof is also a roofing method for buildings. In shingle roofing, the single overlapping element is used to place over one another. It may seem like tiles to you, but they are not the same. This roofing method is usually cost-friendly. Now, the question is how long does a shingle roof last? Well, it varies from 10-30 years. This is the reason the customers choose it over the other roofing methods these days. 

But, there are certain things you should know before choosing this method. You must know the durability of the roof, the types of roof shingles, or how to construct a shingle roof. Moreover, there are different roof shingle colors for different purposes. So, in this post, you will get to know every detail about the shingle roof in layman’s language. So stay with us, and choose the best!

How To Shingle A Roof?

Now, as you know, shingle roofs are budget-friendly, but do you know how to shingle a roof? Sometimes, you may not think of the cost and will see if the process is easy or complex. Anyhow, there is no need to worry. It is very easy to construct a shingle roof. It is one of the reasons for its popularity. So, below, you will find the steps for the construction of the shingle roofing system.

1. Do the sizing of the shingles as required

The sizing of the shingles depends upon the size and shape of your roof. Some constructors cut the shingles into five variable sizes using the three-tab variety. 

2. Laying the First row at the bottom edge of the roof

At a distance of ¾ inches, you will place the nail on the three-tab cut shingle. It is the point where the tab will meet the shingle’s upper part. Make sure you haven’t nailed the tar strip. Also, you need to place the shingle at a distance of 2 inches on every side of the shingle. Therefore, you will use 4 nails in total for 3 tab shingles.

3. Laying the Shingles’ First Row covering the Starting Narrow Row

Draw a line with the help of chalk to use as a reference for the placement of the shingles. You need to cut the six inches for the first starting shingle. For the rest of the shingles, full size is recommended. This method of laying shingles is the “Straight-up” way of shingle roofing.

4. Now, the turn is to lay the second line of shingles

The first shingle of the second row is placed at half-tab from the first shingle of the first row. Here, half-tab means 6 inches. On the setting of the whole second line, you should cut the extra half-tab of the gable roof.

5. Cover Vents, Stacks, and Chimneys

After stacking the shingles on the roof, now, it is turned to cover the vents, stacks, and chimneys. You should place the shingles around the vents, stacks, or chimneys properly to create the seal. In case, the opening is left around these areas, then it can lead to leakage issues later. The chimneys and vents are already surrounded by metal flashing. So, the shingle will interlace with flashing so that water cannot enter the building.

6. Interlacing Flashing and Shingles Around the Chimney

First, cover the chimney’s outer edge with the cemented metal flashing. Then, repeat the process with the lower half. Now, cover the joint between the lower and the upper half with the help of the asphalt roofing technique cement.

7. Complete the Shingle Roofing With Ridge-Capping Layer

Now, in this step, the finalization of the shingle roof is done. For this, the outer parts of the roof are covered. For this purpose, ridge shingles are available. In case, you want to use the regular shingle, then you need to make them 3-tabbed. Then, use the equal pieces, and bend every shingle inside the roof peak using the longer nails. The longer nails are required because it has to go through different layers of shingles.

So, with these steps, you can shingle the roof, and complete the process of the shingle roof. But, as you can see it is not a simple process and needs expertise. So, it is better to call the professionals from the Zicklin Roofing and let them do their job. Once they will do their job, there is less need for the repairs in future. However, the roof shingle colors also play an important role in commercial buildings. Every shingle color has its benefit for commercial buildings. So, let’s find out which shingle color is good for which building. 

Roof Shingle Color Selector Process| Choosing The Right One

Selecting the roof shingle color may seem an easy process, but it is the complex one. While selecting the color of the shingles of the roof, you need to take care of certain factors. So, let’s have a look at each of the factors one by one:

  1. 1. Your Overall Building Style

The style of your building is the main factor in choosing the color of the shingles. In case, the building is of a traditional look, then you may go for dark color. And, for the modern building, you may go for lighter colors. So, the overall style of your building is going to define the color of the roof shingles to some extent.

  1. 2. The Trim Color

The color of your roof trim is also going to define the color of the shingles. They must complement each other. For example, for the white trim, the dark color, or black/grey color will complement more instead of matching color. 

  1.  3. The Pitch of the Roof

Well, the pitch of the roof is also going to affect the color of the roof. Here, the pitch of the roof means the steepness of the roof. In case, the roof is low-pitch, then you must go for lighter colors as dark colors will absorb more heat. Similarly, for the high-pitch roof, you will go for dark colors. It is so because they will provide a more proportional look to your building.

  1. 4. Climate Factor

The climate factor also affects the selection of the color of the roof shingles. For the hotter climate, you should choose a light/reflective color as the dark will absorb more heat. Similarly, for the colder climate, you should go for darker colors, as they will provide heat insulation to the building.

  1. 5. Size of the Building

For large buildings, the shingle color won’t have a major effect. So, it means, you can choose any color of your choice. But, for the smaller buildings, one should choose the lighter color as it provides a bigger look to your building.

  1. 6. The Surroundings 

Everyone wants their building to stand out differently from far away. Well, the surroundings play an important part in this shingles color selection. For the surroundings with the trees, you may want to go for lighter colors. Similarly, for the marine surroundings, you should select dark colors as they will help the building to stand out. With lighter colors, the building will merge with the surroundings. However, for the desert-like surroundings, the building should have lighter-colored roofs. It is so because it will help in the reflection of the heat, and will make the building a bit cooler. 

  1. 7. The Building Code of your area

Apart from the above factors, it is very important to adhere to the building code of your area. In some areas, the darker color shingles for the roof are not allowed. So, you have to choose a light color for safety purposes. Therefore, before finalizing your decision, you should check the building code of your area.

  1. 8. Don’t Look For Attractiveness

While designing the building, one must want to make the building attractive. In that case, I may want to go differently. But, while selecting the shingle color, you may need to curb the feel. You must color the roof shingles of the surroundings. In case, they all have the same color, then there is a reason behind it. Moreover, you can check the surroundings of the neighborhood for more inspiration.

So, these are certain factors that play a major role in the roof shingle color selection. However, your personal choice also matters as it is your building and you should feel good. Therefore, while selecting the colors of the shingles, keep all these points in your mind. Now, you may have a question in your mind, why should one be careful while selecting colors?

Be Careful While Selecting Roof Shingle Color!

Choosing the right color for the roof is one of the important tasks while constructing the roof. Why is it so? Well, there are certain reasons. The right selection of color for the roof is important because of the following reasons:

So, all these points affect the selection of the color for the roof shingles. This may put you into thought. No need to worry.  Well, in this case, you can call the experts from the Zicklin Roofing. They will look at your building and will suggest to you accordingly a suitable color for your roof. 

Types of Roof Shingle

Now, you have learned so much about the shingle roof. But, do you know, it also has different types. Yes, you have read it right. Amazingly, there are 18 types of roof shingle. However, every roof shingle has its benefits. Below, you will find all the information for different types of roof shingles present in the market.

1. Asphalt Roof Shingle

This is the most common type of roof shingle. It is so because it is cost-effective. They further are of three types i.e. 3 tab, fibreglass, and architectural style. However, 3-tab asphalt roof shingles are common but they are less durable.

2. Architectural Shingle

Architectural shingles are a type of asphalt shingle. But, they are more durable as compared to the 3-tab roof shingle. However, they are expensive but can last more than 30 years.

3. Metal Roof Shingle

The metal roof shingles, as suggested, are made up of metal. These metal shingles are more stylish as they come in different colors. Also, they are lightweight and more durable. It comes in the form of sheets. The life of the metal shingle roof is 75-100 years. The only thing is the higher installation cost of the metal roof shingle. 

4. Wood Roof Shingle

In case, you want to give your building a rustic look, then the wood roof shingle is the best choice. The wood roof shingle is made up of different types of wood stacked in thin sections. You can cut the wood roof shingle in any shape. Though it is budget-friendly, it has less durability compared to other roof shingles. 

5. Solar Roof Shingle

Because of global warming, everyone wants to go for alternative methods and go green. Well, for this purpose, you can use solar roof shingles. The solar shingle also generates electricity for your home. The only setback is the expensive nature of the solar shingles. Though, it is a modern type of roof shingle and is good to fight climate change.

6. Slate Tile Roofing

Slate tile roofing consists of stones, and is generally known as stone roofing. These roof shingles usually make the roof heavy and have a long life compared to asphalt roof shingles. Though, they are a bit expensive as they are derived from   stones. 

7. Rubber Shingle Roofing

It is very difficult to differentiate between an asphalt shingle and a rubber shingle. Rubber shingles are preferred because of easy installation and the low maintenance needed. You must have heard about TPO, PVC, and EPDM roofing. Well, they are all types of rubber shingle roofing. However, they are a bit more expensive than asphalt shingles. 

8. Composite Plastic Shingles

Now, the other important type of roof shingle is composite plastic shingle. This is also an environmentally friendly concept as they are made from recycled plastic. In terms of installation, they are easy to install and also budget-friendly. They are usually chosen as an alternative to wood and rubber shingles. However, they have very less durability compared to all the roof shingles. Though, the lifetime of these shingles depends upon the type of plastic being used.

So, these are some major types of roof shingles present in the market. To get more knowledge about it, you can contact Zicklin Roofing. They will suggest the best roof shingles for your building.

How Much Does a Shingle Roof Cost?

Till now, in this post, you have learned almost everything about shingle roofs. The only factor left for discussion is the shingle roof cost. Well, one thing you must know, the cost of the shingles is directly dependent on the type of material and the durability. In case, the roofing material has less durability, then they will be cheaper as compared to the durable roofing shingles. However, the most commonly used shingle roof is asphalt shingle roofing. So, the cost of the asphalt shingle roofing is $5000-$12000 for the building depending on its size. Though, for the durable ones, the cost used to go too high like $1100 per square foot. Because of this reason, customers are preferring the asphalt shingle roofing technique over others.

Call Zicklin Roofing For Shingle Roofing!

Conclusively, this post contains all the information you need for the shingle roof. However, to make the shingle roof more durable, you should choose the best roofing constructors in the market. Don’t worry! Zicklin Roofing is at your service. You just need to call the Zicklin Roofing needs. Our expert team will come to you, and inspect the building. You may even ask about the color, material, and durability of the roofing type. Well, they will provide you with every answer. They will suggest to you the best advice for a suitable shingle roof for your building. So, just take the back seat, and imagine the building of your dreams.

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