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How to Guide on Preparing for a Roof Replacement

Replacing your home’s current roof can be a very important task that needs careful planning and preparation. It can be an interesting experience for your entire family. Your home’s look and feel can change along with you getting a sense of security about replacing your old and damaged roof. However, it is important to note that during the entire roof replacement process, your home will become a work site. This means that certain preparations are needed to ensure the home is ready for such a job.

In this post, we will give you some roof replacement tips along with letting you know how you can prepare your home for an effective and smooth roof replacement project.

Why is Roof Replacement Needed?

Before we can share with you the tips on preparing your home for a roof replacement, it is important to understand why it is so important. Below are some reasons why a timely replacement of your roof can be helpful for you. 

Save on Cost

Damaged shingles and tiles on the roof can be expensive to constantly repair time and time again. You have to shell out money on labor as well as materials. And ignoring a leaky or cracked roof can lead to bigger damage later on to the property. That damage can be extremely costly to repair then. So, it is always better to take preventive steps to get a roof replacement before there is further damage. 

Protect Home From Water Damage

A damaged or leaky roof can lead to water seepage. This water seepage can cause damage to the interior of your home. It can cause the paint on the walls to peel off as well as lead to mold or mildew. Water damage can be very troublesome and difficult to repair. It can also destroy the aesthetics of your home. It can also ruin the electronic appliances in your home as well as damage furniture, carpets, floorboards, and more. Replacing your roof on time helps you protect your home from this. 

Increases Property Value

A newly installed roof not only improves the look of your home but also leads to an increase in your property value. If you plan to sell your home after replacing the roof, you can fetch a good amount for that on the market. So, the amount of money you spend on roof replacement can be considered an investment that will yield a very good return for you. A new roof will signal to potential buyers that you have cared for the property well and focused on its maintenance. 

Good for Energy Efficiency

Damaged roofs with old shingles cannot protect your home from heat. Also, if your roof has cracks or holes in it, then it can let air and heat pass through and will not be able to safeguard your home from the effects of the environment. This would mean that you would have to use your air conditioning more, leading to higher energy bills. Replacing your roof with insulating materials that keep your home cool by reflecting the sunlight away from it will reduce the need for constant air conditioning. So, roof replacement helps with energy efficiency too.

Enhanced Toughness of Roof

A new roof will give you the peace of mind that you will not need to repair or replace your roof for decades to come. Using good quality material for your new roof will ensure that your roof’s lifespan will continue for up to 100 more years. Also, you will be confident that your roof will be able to withstand the next big storm that hits your city. Knowing that your home and family are safe with a strong roof over their head is a big burden off your mind. 

Better Curb Appeal

When it comes to our homes, looks matter. And the curb appeal of any property is very important for its overall beauty and appreciation. Your home’s roof is one of the most visible parts that people should not overlook. It forms a huge percentage of your home’s exterior. By hiring a good roofing company like Zicklin Roofing, you can design and implement a new roof that truly compliments your entire home’s look and feel. They can guide you on color combinations as well as roof styles to truly beautify your house. 

Gain Insurance Benefits

Homeowners insurance generally does not cover a home if its roof is over a certain age or if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. The same goes for the fact that your roof is visibly in a bad condition. Replacing the roof will help you gain home insurance benefits and lower premiums. This is mainly because your new roof will reduce the risk of any liability or accident. So, by spending money on a new roof, you can save money on insurance. This is one benefit that many homeowners do not realize immediately but in the long run, it matters a lot. 

Improve Area Under Shingles

Replacing the roof will give you the chance to look at the parts of your roof that are underneath the shingles and make fixes and replacements where necessary. Sometimes your roof can look in good condition on the outside but underneath there can be major issues that are plaguing it. Any piece of plywood that is damaged or swallowed due to moisture or other weather conditions can be ripped out and replaced. A secondary barrier can be put in to safeguard the interior of the home from water leakage in case water stands on the roof, particularly in cases of flat roofs. 

These are just a few of the reasons that roof replacement is necessary and a smart idea. It is better to do it sooner rather than later to keep your home safe. In the next section, we will share with you some important tips on how to prepare for a roof replacement.

Top Roof Replacement Tips that Can Be Beneficial for You

1. Relocate Your Cars

On the day when your roof replacement begins, your home’s driveway will be full of the contractor’s vehicles along with a dump truck possibly. There will not be much room left for your vehicles. If you are planning on leaving your home during the roof replacement process, it’s best to move your car to another location like your garage or a neighbor’s driveway if they are okay with it. 

This will avoid any hassles that can be caused in the case that you have to leave the home but are boxed in by the contractor’s vehicles. In this case, the entire work would have to come to a halt to move around vehicles. That will be a waste of productive time.

2. Put Covers on Stuff in the Attic

During the roof replacement process, roofers will be constantly walking on the roof as well as hitting it with hammers, and doing other things that can cause some debris or dirt to fall through to the attic on your belongings there. So, it’s better to cover all the important things in the attic and move anything that is easily breakable. 

You can use old bed sheets as well as plastic covering and drop cloths to protect your things until the roofing contractors are done with their work.

3.Think of Your Kids and Pets

During the replacement process of your roof, it’s important to understand that certain parts of your home would become inaccessible to you and it would not be safe for your pets and kids to go near them. Make sure that during the roof replacement process, you let your kids know which areas of your home are off-limits to ensure their safety.

As for your pets, it might be best to let them stay with a friend as they will not be able to comprehend the dangers and can be at risk.

4. Power Off Irrigation System

During the roofing process, workers will most probably be walking on your lawn on the grass. If you have an irrigation system, it’s best to keep it off during work as well as a few days before it. The reason is that freshly watered grass can get damaged when people walk on it. So, to avoid your yard from getting ruined, avoid irrigating it. 

If you hire the best roof replacement company like Zicklin Roofing, they would make sure that your yard and property are always protected during the installation of your roof.

5. Disable Your Security System

Another important tip to prepare for a roof replacement is that you should not set your alarm or disable your security system. The reason is that roofing causes a lot of noise as well as vibrations. These vibrations can sometimes set off the alarm system of your home. It can get very annoying and time-consuming to constantly keep shutting off the alarm whenever it gets set off accidentally by your contractor. 

If you are planning on leaving your home during the roof replacement, you can lock your doors for safety but it would be best to disable the security system.

6. Remove Wall Hangings

The hammers as well as other machines that will be used on your roof can lead to wall hangings and decorations in the rooms below falling off and getting damaged. This is especially true in the situation where the existing deck needs to be repaired. The best thing to do would be to survey the rooms below the roof for any wall decoration that can be at a risk and take them down. Store them away in a safe place until the work is over. 

It can also be wise to remove any decorative lighting as well as a chandelier that may fall or get damaged during the roof replacement.

7. Check Your Home

Before your roof replacement work begins, you need to properly inspect your property for any signs of existing damage. You can go outside and take pictures of your home to verify later. It will give you an idea of things that are already damaged. Also, take pictures of your attic and rooms on the upper level of your home. All of this is done to make a before and after comparison. 

Once the roofing work is completed, you can make sure that the contractors did not damage any part of your property during their work. It can be very useful in claiming in case there has been any damage done during the contractor’s work.

8. Think if You Want to Stay at Home

You have to decide in advance if you want to be present at home during the replacement work. Take into account the fact that roof replacement is a loud procedure and it may seem even noisier if you are inside the home during it. If you work from home or have to take important business calls, it would be best to go to another location for the day for your convenience. 

The end decision of whether to stay or leave is up to you. It all depends on whether you can make do with the noise and disturbance or whether you need peace and quiet.

9. Shift the Patio Furniture

If you have patio furniture like lawn chairs and tables or a grill for cooking your favorite steak, it is best to move them inside for the duration of the work. If you have any lawn ornaments like garden gnomes, it would be wise to place all this stuff in your garage or a shed if you have one. If you do not have any in-door storage area for these belongings, you can gather them all in an area of your yard that is at the safest possible distance from the work area. 

It is important to note that most roofing contractors will not provide you with any assistance in moving your furniture inside or outside your home. So, it will be best to plan ahead for all this.

Closing Remarks

By following these tips, you will be better prepared for your home’s roof replacement. These tips will ensure there is minimal disturbance to you and your home and that your property is safeguarded from any damage during this work. Also, hiring the best roof replacement company in NYC like Zicklin Roofing would put your mind at ease as our experts will carry out the entire project in a very professional manner.  

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